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Finances are one of the top ten things couples argue about and one of the main culprits leading to divorce. It is important for couples who want a healthy marriage, to have healthy communication around their finances. Christina Jones assists couples who want to learn how to have those healthy conversations and to learn how to manage finances in a way that honors marriage.

Some couples experience financial infidelity. This is when one or both individuals are not transparent about their finances.When individuals hide money from their spouse or make purchases without their spouse’s knowledge; this is a form of infidelity. Christina Jones helps couples who have experienced this form of betrayal.Couples can heal from this destructive way of managing money and learn to build their finances together. Christina Jones also helps individuals who have lost their financial security due to their partner’s financial infidelity. She assists individuals in healing the emotional wounds that come from this form of betrayal; while teaching individuals how to “get back on track’; take control of their personal finances and protect their security moving forward.