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Go Within With Christina Jones,LCSW and be your best in every area of your life!

One-Year Coaching/Consulting Agreement 

Description and Philosophy:

This one-year plan is designed for seasoned professionals who want to take their coaching role to a deeper, more emotionally intelligent level.

If you want to refresh your approach, fine tune your sense of boundaries and stretch yourself out of your professional comfort zone; this one-year intensive is for you!

When you dig deeper, you go further. With 25 years of experience as a psychotherapist and over a decade as a consultant, I know that in order to tap into your full potential, you must reflect on who you are as a physical, emotional and cognitive being.  I believe when you improve in one area of our life, you show up better in every area of your life. Although this is not counseling or psychotherapy; because I am a licensed clinical social worker; there are nuances that I have a keen sense for that may help or inhibit your progress and ultimate success, that other coaches and consultant will not have or will not be equipt or qualified to address. This is helpful; as this “whole person approach” enables an uninterrupted flow toward progress and fulfillment of your goals.

Unlike the curriculum of other training programs, this program is tailored to who you are as an individual. This program is a collaboration between us; and it is relationship based. You will be an active participant: together, we will define your goals, identify your strengths and areas for improvement and work together to create the monthly themes that will best assist you to achieving your one- year vision. This is a unique program because it is about you and for you.

List of Possible Monthly Themes:

  • Ethics/Boundaries
  • Fears
  • Obstacles
  • Confidence
  • Self-Care
  • Mind/Body Connection
  • Communication Style
  • Trust
  • Integrity/Value Alignment

One-Year Outline: Valued at $12,000 or $1000 monthly

Month 1- Initial Consultation-3 hour in-person meeting $550

2-week follow up and check in (phone or skype) 1 hour   $225

3-week check in 1 hour $225

Month 2-11- weekly skype or phone consult 1 hour $225

text communication/questions/ $100

Month 12- 1 weekly check in $225

(phone or skype) preparation for commencement $225

3- hour commencement interview/sharing $550

Certainly, there will be expectations of each of us and roles we will each play in this year intensive. I assure you; I will work as hard as you are working to achieve your goals.  

The role I will play is one of facilitator of change. I will assist you in improving your skills as a coach by listening, observing, motivating and inspiring you. I will also challenge you to look deeper, help you to be more aware of your blind spots and hold you accountable.

Certainly, there will be research and reading assignments in between sessions; yet, the most powerful and transformative tool you will have is the journal I will ask you to keep. Reading is passive; journaling is active. I will ask you to do both; and I will provide the themes to journal on.

Your coaching practice is a living entity. As with any area in your life and every relationship in your life; it will evolve as you evolve.

If this sounds like the transformation you are ready for, call me to discuss!

I look forward to helping you go within and life your best professional life!