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Clinical Consulting

Education, coaching and support for clinicians seeking to fine-tune and perfect their skills with clients. Christina Jones believes that every therapist, whether new to the profession or a seasoned clinician, can benefit from the support and input of a colleague. Christina has been a clinical supervisor for graduate students in their internships, as well as to new therapists working towards their clinical hour requirements. Many of her colleagues, who have years of experience, meet with Christina when they have a particularly challenging client or monthly to check in and make sure they are practicing the self care  to be effective with their clients. Her direct and inspirational style, along with her her keen ability to see nuances others may miss, particularly when it comes to addiction, as well as the effects of family origin on marital issues, make Christina Jones one of the most sought after clinicians among therapists and counselors in Chicago.

Christina Jones is available for individual and group consultation and will work with each therapist on specific professional goals. Christina is also available to present CE seminars and workshops for your organization or agency.