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Business Consulting

Consulting and coaching for leaders of organizations or anyone who is in a leadership position at their organization. Christina Jones knows what it takes to run her own business, as well as lead an organization. Having been through her own “boot camp” as an executive director of a not-for-profit social service agency, as well as an entrepreneur in the world of publishing, public speaking and as a clinician in private practice, Christina Jones has the experience as well as the keen ability to assist individuals in unleashing their potential as leaders and achieve their professional goals.

Often, people think their personal life is completely separate from their professional life, and that one is not effected by the other. Yet, Christina Jones believes that feelings of inadequacy and stress with co-workers or superiors at the workplace, can have a toxic effect on our lives outside of work. Christina offers coaching that will optimize performance and relationships at work, and bring out the best in relationships outside of work.

Christina Jones is available for executive coaching and leadership development,  as well as organizational consulting. Christina has a keen ability to assist groups of people develop as a team and  learn the communication skills needed to collaborate in order to improve the climate at the workplace and achieve goals, as they relate to the mission of the organization.