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Christina Jones, LCSW

and be your best in every area of your life!
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Individual Counseling

Individuals in distress; depression, anxiety, young adults, autonomy/identity issues, self -esteem and confidence issues.

Couples Counseling

Couples in distress or facing divorce, those coping with infidelity or alcohol abuse or addiction and other various issues.

Family Counseling

Families facing divorce, or blended families, blended family adjustment, families navigating post-divorce boundaries, co-parenting post-divorce, and other issues alike.

Group Counseling

Group therapy and support for individuals in distress who prefer a setting with others who are experiencing similar challenges.

About Christina

Christina Jones is a licensed clinical social worker with 25 years’ experience helping clients to be their best in every area of their lives. She is a highly experienced and skilled clinician with a unique.

The Adventures of Flippity Flip Girl

Imani Angela-Ruth Jones is Flippity Flip Girl. She recently flipped out of kindergarten and flipped into first grade. She likes to flip onto her scooter, flip into the pool to swim, flip to the park to climb trees, flip to the ice-rink to ice-skate. She flips on the bed while watching her favorite mermaid show. She flips while hanging out with her brothers and flips from country to country while visiting her sister in Europe. This is Imani’s first children’s book.



Christina helped me and my husband navigate the challenges of a blended family. We each had children from a different marriage and it was very frustrating and time-consuming to be in constant communication with our former spouses. Christina helped us to set healthy boundaries with our childrens’ other parents and showed us how to put our marriage, and eachother , first! We are grateful to Christina and sometimes check in with her when we need to be reminded of some of the tools we learned in therapy.


Christina showed me how to love and accept myself. I started counseling with Christina when I was 28 years old. I had seen other therapists for my anxiety and my perfectionism, yet I still found myself unhappy at my job and unhappy in my relationships. A friend recommended Christina, and she made me feel comfortable from the first session. I felt understood and accepted by her, and she helped me to accept myself. I used to think that at 28 years old, I would never be comfortable in my own skin and never feel “good enough”. Through my therapy with Christina, I learned to embrace all of who I am, and to be compassionate towards myself. I am now dating a great guy, who treats me with love, kindness and respect, because, for the first time in my life, I believe I deserve that. Thank you, Christina Jones.


When I was going through my divorce, I made an appointment with Christina. Although, I had been in counseling before , with my ex-wife, Christina helped me to go through the grieving process of divorce and, in a kind, gentle way, helped me to see myself more clearly. With Christina’s help, I was able to own my part in a marriage that ended, and work on myself and what I want in a relationship, so that I am better at making decisions when it comes to the women I choose, as well as, make better choices when I am in a relationship. I used to be skeptical about counseling, but after being in therapy for eight months with Christina, I can honestly say I am a better person and live a happier life.


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