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The decision to end a marriage forces both partners to experience and deal with a variety of emotions from sadness and loss, to fear and shame, as well as anger. Separating from someone we thought we would share our lives with is not easy. Christina Jones gives clients the tools to use when emotions can cloud decision-making. She teaches clients strategies to use when navigating legal  and financial issues, as well as how to be there your children during this difficult time.Christina Jones also assists clients in learning what to do when faced with denial, jealousy, self-doubt, hopelessness and other feelings that may arise.

Divorce counseling is useful both to help get through your divorce, and also transition back into single life. A divorce is a death; the death of a relationship, the death of a plan, the death of a dream. All deaths have a grieving process and a healing process. Often, the healing occurs in stages. So, if your divorce is pending, current or in the past, Christina Jones can help you, your spouse, and your children heal.