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Blended families have a unique set of challenges. Christina Jones assists couple and families who were married before and have children from their former marriages, navigate those unique challenges. Christina Jones helps couples build on their strengths and learn to put their marriage first, while being sensitive to the challenges their children might be facing.

Often, couples experience conflict over  the amount of communication and interaction one may have with their former spouse, under the guise of co-parenting. Christina Jones teaches partners in a blended family how to establish a healthy co-parenting plan that includes healthy boundaries with former spouses, while also honoring their current spouse in their step-parent role  and honoring and nurturing their marriage.

Healing from a divorce is a process. Sometimes, the conflicts experienced in a blended family are due to unfinished healing or emotions that stem from the circumstance around the former marriage and divorce. Christina Jones helps partners in a blended family distinguish these areas for healing and supports blended families in developing a family that thrives and has longevity.