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Alcoholism is a family disease. Christina Jones assists individuals who admit they have an addiction and desire to live a life of recovery. She also provides education and support for spouses, children and extended family during this process.

Unfortunately, many people come to therapy for other problems in their marriage and/or family and do not realize that the root to the problem(s) is one of their loved ones’ dependency on alcohol. Most often, family members recognize the signs of addiction long before the addict/alcoholic admits to the problem. Christina Jones helps loved ones through education and support. She also teaches clients to develop healthy boundaries with their loved one and to heal from their own codependency.

With her direct and compassionate approach, Christina Jones helps families through the healing process of alcoholism. She tailors the treatment to the needs of the family; which is different with a family member who is actively drinking, has quit drinking, or is in recovery. Family therapy for alcoholism/addiction can happen with or without the participation of the loved one who is drinking. Christina Jones can help families learn the difference between love and enabling and help families heal.