Christina Jones is a psychotherapist in private practice in Chicago. She is a consultant, author, and speaker. She is a Helpity Help Girl. She helps individuals, couples and families who are going through difficult times. She helps her husband run their household and their blended family of five children. She helps family and friends when they need support, and she helps her clients, colleagues, and students through her writings and talks. This is Christina’s first children’s book.

Imani Angela-Ruth Jones is Flippity Flip Girl. She recently flipped out of kindergarten and flipped into first grade. She likes to flip onto her scooter, flip into the pool to swim, flip to the park to climb trees, flip to the ice-rink to ice-skate. She flips on the bed while watching her favorite mermaid show. She flips while hanging out with her brothers and flips from country to country while visiting her sister in Europe. This is Imani’s first children’s book.